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Kamis, 29 Januari 2009

People Are Like That True?

God commanded the people believed to live as a firm and sincere to God in their religion.

"Except those who repent and make repairs and keep the (religion) of Allah and sincere (a) because of their religion of God. But they are with those who believe and Allah will give those who believe a great reward. "(An-Nisaa` [4]: 146)

A man into his heart if he was clean firm for God, subjugate their lives to get keridhaan with him to realize that there is no penuhanan except to God, and never give up in faith to God, what is happening. God commanded in the Al-Qur `an as follows.

"... Anyone who cling to the (religion) of Allah then he has given instructions to the straight path. "(Ali Imran [3]: 101)

In religion, God means the single-minded attempt to get satisfaction keridhaan God and without hope that his other personal benefits. God has also emphasized the importance of this paragraph in the other. He has shown that religion can only be executed in the following manner.

"And they are not to worship except Allah, purify the obedience to Him (only) with the religious right, and that they may engage in prayer and charity, and that it is the right religion." (Al-BAYYINAH [98]: 5 )

In deed and ibadahnya, a sincere believer is never try to get love, satisfaction, appreciation, attention, and praise of anyone except God. There is a desire to get all of the men is a sign that he failed to confront face to Allah with sincerity and purity. In fact, we often find people who "do good deeds of worship or to make other goals besides getting keridhaan God." For instance, there are a proud people as helping the poor gain or intend to honor it when the religion is important, such as prayer. Those who establish the prayer, so that looks good conduct, mentioned in Al-Qur `an,

Anyone who wants to be seen protruding himself, he actually seek keridhaan other people, not God. A sincere believer must be really careful to avoid his show while helping other people, behave well, worship, or sacrifice. The only goal of the sincere faith in God is just getting keridhaan God. Al-Qur `an also emphasize how the prophets, the ritual-religious rituals for the sake of God and keridhaan did not expect a reply or personal gain. The following sentence pronounced by the Prophet Hud a.s. to persuade his people to this truth.

"O my people, I do not ask for a reward to you for this call. Lan wage is only from God who created me. Is it not you think (it)? "(Hood [11]: 51)

A believer is never try to get keridhaan anyone other than God. He surely knows that Allahlah that have mengenggam and all hearts, and that all people will be only if He Ridha Ridha. Furthermore, there is not any compliment in this world that will save him in the Hereafter. On the day of reckoning, every person will stand alone before God and asked for any deeds. On that day, faith, piety, sincerity, and compliance will play an important role. Prophet Muhammad saw. remind people believe in the importance of sincerity,
"He received a deed that is done because God is pure and aims to explore keridhaan him."fullpost">

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