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Jumat, 05 Desember 2008


What this also? Cook angry just policy. I was entitled to excite you anger, but in many situations there is a limit-exhaustible.

For example, less profitable when you rage in front of the class. Even though you feel is correct and can show all the evidence and arguments that support. Because, other people will tend to be defensive and went on to develop the desire vengeance. So spoke Dr.. Sandra Thomas, RN, a Ph.D. researcher and director of respecting anger Center for Nursing Research at the University of Tennese, Knoxville.

I know the origin, not only the ethics of social and cultural causes we must limit the sense of anger but also health issues involved. "When angry, our bodies have various physiological changes, because the reaction against the trigger anger or fled," said Christopher Peterson, PhD, the author of your Optimism and Health psychology lecturer at the University of Michigan, Ann Harbor.

"The adrenalin increases, the heart on faster, adrenalin hunt and shallow, digestion stops," he added. So, often morose can use heart disease risk, high blood pressure and disease death.

Even in the research of the last doctors at the University of North Carolina, they find people who temperamental (Caliban) have three times the risk of heart disease and acute fatal. This result was obtained when they examine as many as 13 thousand people in North Carolina for six years.

"All the emotions have certain influence to the way we think. But emotionally-strong emotions that can slow the ability of Reasoning, problem-solving ability and decision making us," he said. Mara Julius, Sc.D, expert knowledge in the psychosocial epidemic og University of Michigan School of Public Health, which has more than 20 years to learn how to overcome the anger that affect the health of men and women.

"When you feel angry or disturb by revenge, it becomes all the burden. In some people, this slow process of thinking and in some other candidate to stop the process of thinking at all," he continued.

True ways Anger
When feelings of anger you handled properly, according to Dr. Julius, you designate any of the problems of social relationships and health. So, below is how angry the drama.

1. Find a safe place.
Find a place "safe" to excite you angry. How, before you It's people who make you irritated, it's talking about people that you trust. Select a close friend, boyfriend, or someone you trust to disarm you. Because, if you can even so angry desperate another problems. And ultimately you add sick, etc. irritated.

2. Approach people who make you angry
After angry you feel calm, speak in person to be a "source of the problem." It is important to make clear all the problems. The speech, for example with, "or the words you acts, disrupt the plan. There must be straightened and the discussion. What we can discuss this with the good?"

3. Identify things that cause you ire.
Find the root of the problem to finding factor stimulation. Surely there are things that usually underlie certain reactions you angry. If not successful, start recording when the angry reactions that arise and writing experiences temper you. This is intended to give you the opportunity to learn the Israeli and react more rational. Finally, the candidate you feel able to stop them with direct confrontation.

4. Find out how to escape.
If you temper, there is the suggestion to use the energy that is overabundant in the positive. For example, the use of energy for physical activity. As Jogging or other sports. Its sports channel adrenalin more positive rather given dissolve itself. And you can purify the mind temporarily.

5. Set adrenalin
When the furor covered, try to extend the time the consumers themselves. You can go from the moment the situation. Find a quiet place and do a kind of meditation with inhalation in-in. After a calm mind, you just wish that explain what you say. (from various sources)

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