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Minggu, 07 Desember 2008

Learning from Grasshopper

a grasshopper has long been imprisoned in a box. One day he successfully out of the box that cage. Delighted with his leap to enjoy their freedom. In his trip to meet with other animal grasshopper. However, he wonder why the grasshopper can jump higher and more distant from.

With the curious, he approached the grasshopper, and asked, "Why you can jump higher and further, when we are not much different from the age of the body or form?"

Grasshopper is also an answer to the question, "Where you live for this? Because all the grasshopper who live in nature would be free to do as I do."

At that time the new locust that, for this box that does not make his jump as far as a grasshopper and other living free in nature.

Sometimes we as human beings, without conscious, have also experienced the same thing with the grasshopper. The bad environment, mortification, trauma of the past, the failure of the beruntun, the words of a friend or neighbor, seems to make us isolated in the box that pseudo restrict all our excess.

Do not you ever questioned the conscience that you can "jump higher and further" if you want to remove "box" is? Do not you want to liberate themselves so that you can achieve something that is beyond the limit you consider your ability?

Lucky us as human beings possess the ability to fight the Lord, not only surrender it on what we experienced. Therefore friends, keep trying achieve anything you want to achieve. Pain is, indeed tired, but when you have reached the peak, all the sacrifice that will due

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