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Minggu, 07 Desember 2008

Rose and Flower Tree Cemara

Perhaps in the middle of the forest, rose laugh pine tree and said: "Although you grow so sturdy, but you do not have a fragrance that can not attract bees and the bumblebee to get closer."

Pine trees are silent. Thus rose in any broadcast and told pine tree poorly visible, so make a pine tree and go out alone in the middle of the forest.

When winter comes and the snow is dense, rose the proud very difficult to maintain their lives. Similarly, trees and other flowers. Only a pine tree that still stood upright in the middle of a storm that throws cold earth.

In the middle of the night silent, snow chatting with a pine tree. Snow said: "Every year I come to this earth, always see the prosperity and sounds of the earth be changed. Only the arid and desolate quiet envelop the earth. However, you only can pass the test and I stood up to all kinds may retain natural pressure. Similarly, natural and human life is always changing. "

Thus the discussion between the pine trees and snow that occurred in the middle of the night in the winter. Sad and happy always come again switch; only with persistence soul and mind, the happiness that we will be able to achieve. Obscenities and defamation can not impose a strong person.

Expression in the East there is a word often said: "upturned to the sky and discard the saliva." and "sow the dust with a contrary wind."

This all-around foolishness someone do that ignorance and ultimately harm himself. Facing the scandal and reproachful, someone should be held in the chest like a big sky be bordered.

Light and cloudy weather always again switch. Learning is like a clear mirror can see the actual situation.

Rose only feel pride and satisfaction moment, but the pine tree can face, receive and refraining with calm and patience.

We must learn from nature pine tree holding a hard attack, attack both the action, speech and mind; and make something cool, warm and peaceful

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