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Minggu, 07 Desember 2008

The Prophet Muhammad is a Hindu nation

Quoted Aktualita bulletin from the World Islamic Minna no 58/II III / February 1998

New Delhi, India. A language professors from ALAHABAD UNIVERSITY INDIA in one of the last book, entitled "KALKY AUTAR" (Help the Most Great) issued a new statement that contains a very surprising Hindu intellectual circles.

The professors openly and with the scientific reasons, to invite the Hindu adherent to immediately embrace Islam, and at the same time mengimani brochure brought by the Messenger of Allah, because he was, in fact Prophet Muhammad is the figure that local government as a form of truth and spiritual reformer.

Prof.. WAID BARKASH (book author), which are still a nation of priestly Brahmin said that he has to submit the results of studies of eight priestly Hindu nation and they all agree to conclusions and call that has been expressed in the book. All the criteria mentioned in the holy books of Hindu nation (Wedha) on the characteristics of "KALKY AUTAR" exactly the same characteristics that are owned by the Messenger of Allah Saw.

In the Hindu teachings about the characteristics mentioned KALKY AUTAR of them, that he will be born in the peninsula, called his father and mother SYANUYIHKAT called SUMANEB. In the language of sanskrit word SYANUYIHKAT is the blend of two words that mean God SYANU while YAHKAT means boys or slaves in the Arabic language called ABDUN.

Thus SYANUYIHKAT word meaning "ABDULLAH". Similarly SUMANEB word in the language sanscrit means AMANA or AMAAN the language translation Arabnya "AMINAH." Meanwhile, all the people know that the name of the father is the Messenger of Allah Saw ABDULLAH AMINAH and the name of his mother.

In the book Wedha also mentioned that the Lord will send his envoy sebiuah into the cave to teach KALKY AUTAR (Help the Most Great). Stories are called in the book will remind Wedha this event in Hira when the angel Gabriel over the Prophet Muhammad to teach him about the revelation of Islam.

Other evidence presented by Prof. Barkash that the book Wedha also told that God will give Kalky Autar animal horse who is very quick flight that brought kalky Autar corral seven layers of heaven. This is a signal event directly Isra 'Mi'raj where Rasullah in Buroq.

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