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Rabu, 10 Desember 2008

Coverage curtain fascism

Fascism known as the ideology that was born and grew fertile in the 20th Century. It spread rapidly across the world at the beginning of World War I, with authority fascist regimes in Germany and Italy in particular, but also in countries such as Greece, Spain, and Japan, where people are suffering by the way the government full violence. Faced with the pressure and violence, they can only shudder. And the fascist dictator who led the government for such a system in which the strength of the brutal, aggression, bloodshed, violence and become law-wave of terror to send all the people through secret police and their fascist militia, which paralyze people with fear. Furthermore, the fascist government applied in almost all levels of society, from education to culture, religion to art, the structure of the government until the military system, and from political organizations to the personal lives of the people. In the end, the World War II, which was started by fascist nation, is one of the largest catastrophe in the history of mankind, that their lives 55 million people.
However, the ideology fascism not only in history books. Although currently no country that itself as fascist or openly practicing fascism, in the various countries in the world there are many governments, political parties and groups that follow the pattern fascism. Although the name and their tactics has changed, they still continue their idea similar woes on the people. it can be, the deterioration of social conditions can create support for fascism developed further. Therefore, fascism ongoing threat to humanity.
This book is written for the face hazards that continue to haunt them. In addition to the various fascism trend that appears in various forms and methods, this book is also intended to reveal the root of the target and that they indeed. Another goal is to uncover disclose "religious" are sometimes used fascism and reveal its existence as a system that is contrary to the true religion.

To treat the disease, first identified the virus that causes need, and then be found the cure. Thus, conditions that allow the disease can develop removed, so that the disease itself can to destroy. Similarly, the case, so free from fear will be "fascism", people must oppose the policies and ideological influence-influence that support development. As we will study in this book, the fundamental principle behind fascism today is Darwinism, which will be established as a scientific theory, although there is not so. However, Darwinism, stating that claims such as "humans are animals that have developed the perfect", "race has left some in the process of evolution," and "through natural selection, the strong will survive and the weak loose", has become a source for many dangerous ideology throughout the 20th century, especially fascism. Therefore, as we will be more detailed, Darwinism responsible for much oppression and violence.
In fact, even in our countries there is no movement or fascist practices, those who have been working to generate fascism monitored, and Darwinism not widely accepted, we can not relax vigilance. All people of good conscience must participate in the ideological struggle of all against the ideology and the power to make mischief in the earth and destroy the peace and intend order. He has told people to live safely and peacefully. In the Al-Quran Allah ordered:

"O those who believe, you go into Islam whole, and do not take steps devil. Indeed, the devil is the real enemy is. "(QS. Al-Baqarah, 2: 208)

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