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Jumat, 12 Desember 2008

Origins of fascist mentality

Fascism is an ideology rooted in Europe. Fascism foundation built by a number of European thinkers in the 19th century, and practiced in the 20th Century by countries such as Italy and Germany. Other countries, which influenced or implementing fascism, "import" this ideology of Europe. Therefore, to analyze sources of fascism, we must turn to the history of Europe.
History of Europe has experienced several phases and periods. However, in the sense of exposure, we can divide it into three major periods:
1) the period of pre-Christian (pagan period)
2) the period when Christianity achieve dominance in European culture.
3) The period of post-Christian (the materialist)

Many readers may be considered strange ideas about the "post-Christian", because up to now Christian religion is still a majority in the European community. However, when the Christian religion is no longer the dominant aspect of culture in Europe: the left is merely a formality. Many of ideology and the concept of real people who now directs the formed not by the commandments of the religion, but from the materialist philosophy. The flow of anti-religion began in the 18th century, and dominate the world of knowledge and ideas in the 19th century. And, in the 20th Century is the various disasters that caused materialism finally appear.From...

the third period, it appears that fascism occurred in the first period and third. In other words, fascism is the product of paganism, and then strengthened again by the rising materialism. Fascist ideology or practice did not appear for more than a thousand years, when the Christian religion to dominate Europe. This is because the Christian religion of peace and equality. Christian, who told people to love, I love, sacrifice, and good think completely contrary to the hearts of fascism.
Christianity is a religion initially the god disseminated by Jesus. After, religion is deviating from the shape of the original with a number of implementation and interpretation. However however, he still maintains some aspects of the essence of true religion, with a concept such as love, affection, sacrifice and humanity, as indicated above.
Now, we glimpse a pra-Christian Europe and the origin of fascism.

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