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Jumat, 12 Desember 2008

fascism in "pagan" WORLD

Basically, as the pagan culture, religion in pre-Christian period is polytheistic. The people of Europe believes that the false gods they worship symbolizes the strength or the various aspects of life, and that's important is the god of war, is very similar to that appear in almost every pagan community ..
The high dignity of the god of war because the pagan beliefs in this regard the violence as a sacred. The pagan people basically uneducated and continues to live in a state of war. To kill and shed blood on behalf of the people they regarded as a sacred obligation. Almost all kinds of cruelty and violence allowed in paganism. There is no basis for ethics prohibits violence or cruelty. Even Rome, which is considered as the country 'most civilized' in the pagan world, is a place where people are forced to put-off-off or are torn by wild animals. Emperor Nero ascended to the throne kill countless people, including mothers, wives, brothers and sister in law own. He threw the Christians to the arena for burn up beasts of prey, and the strain of thousands of people solely because of their beliefs. One example is worst how he ordered the city of Rome burning while playing lira and the view of the egregious is his palace.whose from the window.
Although immersed in Roman culture of violence, nations and barbarian pagan in the north, such as the Vandals, Goths and Visigoths, still more savage again. In addition to the pillage of Rome, they still destroy each other. Violence in the pagan world power, all kinds of brutality is allowed, and ethics is ignored.
The best example of the "fascist system" in the pagan world, in the sense of modern, is the city-state Sparta in Greece.

Sparta: A Model for The fascist

Sparta is a country's military, which devote themselves to the war and violence, and is estimated to be built by Likurgus in the 8 century BC. Sparta implement the nation's education system is very regular. Under the system of Sparta, the country is far more important than the individual. Measured based on the life of people for the benefit of their country. Children men who are strong and healthy in the country, while babies are ill disposed to the mountains to die.
(Practices nation Sparta this precedent by Nazi Germany, and stated that, by the strong influence of Darwinism, those who ill-sickly must be removed to maintain a "healthy race and winning.") In Sparta, parents are responsible enlarge male children until their seven years of age. After that, until the age of 12 years, children are placed in groups of 15 people later, and the most prominent being elected leader. Children fill the time by strengthening their bodies and prepare for war with the exercise.
Literacy is not considered important, and there is little interest in music or literature. Songs that can be sung and learned the children are just songs about war and violence. (Very similar to the education of children from 4 years of age who applied under fascism Mussolini and Hitler). Sparta is a habit make some doctrins people in the spirit of war, with the expense of art, literature, and education.
One of the most important thinkers who provide detailed information about Sparta is the famous Greek philosopher, Plato. Although he lives in Athens, which was governed democratically, he was impressed with the fascist system in Sparta, and in the book-book describes Sparta as a model country. Due to the tendency of fascist Plato, Karl Popper, one of the leading thinkers to the century-20, in the famous book The Open Society and Its enemies, Plato describes the first as a source of inspiration for the oppressor regime, and the enemies of open society. To support his statement, Popper refers to how Plato calmly defend the killing of children in Sparta, and depict Plato as the first theoretical support of "eugenics" (movement improving the quality of the human species through the control of descendants.)
... The noble who must feel himself as a superior race of the exalted. 'Race of the guards should be kept to remain pristine,' said Plato (in the defense against the murder of a baby), while developing the argument that racist breed animals with our full attention, but neglect our own race, an argument that since the re-started it. (Killing babies is not the habit of Athens; Plato, who see this done in Sparta for purposes eugenics, concluded that such action would take place since the first period, and certainly good reason.) He asks the principles that applied to maintain the same ancestry, race superior, as is done against the experienced dog breeder, horse or bird. 'If you do not maintain their descendants in this way, not race or bird dog you will quickly deteriorate?' Argument that Plato, and his conclusion that the 'similar principles apply to the human race'. Quality-racial quality expected of a bodyguard or additional troops, especially, as the shepherd dog. 'The athlete-knight ... we must be vigilant like the watchdog', Plato aver, and he asked: 'obvious, along with fitness related to their natural guard, there is no difference between the young gallant and brave animal breed of dog with both. "3
The views of Plato, which considers the human animal as a species, and suggested that they "developed" through a "forced marriage", appears again to the surface with the arrival Darwinism in the 19th century, and adopted by the Nazi-century to 20. We will discuss this in the next pages.
When people defend the model of Sparta, Plato also to other aspects of fascism, namely the use of repression by the state to manage the community. According to Plato, this pressure must all off so that people may not afford to have anything other than the commandments of the country, and conduct oneself in a perfect loyalty to the state policy, with intelligence and ignoring the will free them. The words of Plato, the following Popper cited as a full statement about the fascist mentality, describes the structure of fascist order:
The highest principle is above all that there is no one, both men and women, without a leader. I do not mind who can habitly about doing anything; can not lose the spirit, even just a play I can not. Both in time of war and peace, he must faithfully comply with their leaders. In even the smallest matters, it must be at the bottom of leadership. For example, he must be awake, moving, bathing, or eating ... only when ordered. In short, he must train his soul, through Introducing a long time, that dream never act freely, and not have the ability to have the same once. 4
Various ideas and practices, which were submitted by the Sparta, also of Plato, shows the characteristics of basic human look-fascism as merely animals, rabid racism, the spread of war and conflict, repression by the state, and "the formal indoctrination."
Practices similar fascism can also be found in other pagan people. The system built by the fir'aun, ruler of ancient Egypt, in certain aspects can reconcile with fascism Sparta. The fir'aun Egypt build a state system based principles of military discipline, and use it to oppress, even against their own people. Ramses II, ruler of Egypt who did wrong, believed to live in the era of Prophet Moses, ordered the murder of all male children Jewish. This reminded maltreatment in the killing of babies in Sparta. Forms of psychological oppression, which he did to the people themselves are also reminded that the system fascism described by Plato. As disclosed in the Al-Quran Allah, Fir'aun with felonious ultimate people: "... I do not propose to you, but what I'm good perspective and I have no way to the truth." (QS. Al-Mu'min, 40: 29) He also threaten the sorcerer who reject pagannya and the confidence to follow the true religion of Moses, "... Do you believe him before I give you permission ... I will cut the hands and feet with a cross ambivalent back, and then solemnly I will crucify you all. " (QS. Al A'raaf, 7: 123-124)

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