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Selasa, 30 Desember 2008


Today we made use of attack-blind explode from the army israel to the palestinian region. hundreds of people have been killed in the attack.
all over the world to give sympathy to palestinian as a form of solidarity.
hatred israel palestine to the nation is indeed beyond the limits. because of that the whole world united to destroy the state of Israel from the surface of the earth. they are not eligible for sa life as a nation, because throughout history they always create confusion on this earth.

all the people in this world, always love peace, all religions that exist on earth is also taught that, unless the Jewish religion is the belief that israel.
era if Hitler Nazi army is hate Jewish nation, not a spirit that we grow up at this time. we must work together and unite against the imperialist nations such as Jewish.

even so large that the nation is the world speed police union, not reaction, and even tends to let the Jews of Israel brutality continues. interesting to see how the action elected president of the USA To Barrack Obama for this.

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