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Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

AN ANALYSIS OF THE Fascism 20th century

any posts previously examine the root of cultural fascism, how this ideology to be the revival of Paganism idea reinforced by Darwinisme. Facts of this case is important to understand the root-root, fascism and fascist movements that occur in the 20th century. However, we must also consider how these movements calyx able to take over power in many countries in the 20th century, these methods are powerful when they use, and the nightmare that diakibatkannya.
Immediately after the end of World War I, the first fascist regime in the 20th century was built in Italy by Benito Mussolini. He was followed by Hitler in Germany and Franco in Spain. In the 1930's, fascism became a popular political ideology, fascist parties both big and small were established in many countries, and the fascist power in Austria and Poland, so that all influenced by European fascism.
There are many similarities between fascism in Europe, where fascism example the most clearly visible, with fascism in Latin America and Japan, which gerakannya also mengakar and mushrooming. In general, the condition of fascism exploit chaos and instability in a country to show itself to the ideology of the people as a savior. Once the fascist form of government, the people are controlled with a combination of fear, repression, and techniques brain washing.

Social Crisis: Land for fascism Subur

There are many similarities in social background and psychological countries where fascism form. Most of these countries and less severe damage in World War I, to the people is very weak and tired, many who have lost husbands, wives, children and those of their loved ones in war. These countries also are a difficult economic, political, and the widespread feeling that the people have their downfall. People suffering from the material; parties who can not afford the variety of the problems of the nation, in addition to fighting among themselves.
Basically, poverty Italy due to World War I is the most important factor in the development of the power of fascism. More than 600,000 people died due to war Italy, and almost half a million people became disabled. The biggest part of the population consists of widows orphans. Countries that oppressed by economic recession and high unemployment. Despite the nation Italy suffered big losses in the war, they only reach a small part of their goal. Like other countries that tired due to the war, nations have to miss Italy back and honor their previous greatness.
In fact, this is a sentiment that has been building strength since the late 19th century. Italy bernostalgia modern Roman Empire with greatness, and feel entitled to the Roman first. Moreover, Italy was competing with the main forces in the world and hopes to raise himself to them, or, to the position where it is due. " Because of the influence of this goal, the Italian hopes to become as strong as the UK, France and Germany.
The crisis of social, political, and economic development also plays an important role in the formation of Nazism in Germany, who have lost in World War I. Unemployment and financial crisis due to the disappointment of the defeat. Inflation increased to levels that can rarely disamai. Young children play with paper money worth millions mark, because of money, which had fallen in value in a matter of hours, not more than a sheet of paper value. German nation want to restore their self esteem is lost and to return to better standards of life. With a promise to meet expectations like this, Nazism and have shown support.
Spain pre-fascist also show similarities with these countries. The loss of colonies Spain on both sides of the continental United States in the early 19th century has made himself the price had fallen sharply. In the early 20th century, Spain has half collapse. Economy falls, and the privileges obtained by the aristokrat opened the way for injustice. Spain during the nation lalunya the majestic and strong with deep longing.
Other countries are influenced by the Japanese fascism. During the pre-fascist Japan, society is more concerned with the very high growth Marxisme among young people. But they are not able to determine how to eliminate the damage that ideology. In addition, social changes such as the very confusing for the public so tied to the tradisinya. Melonggar kinship ties, the figure increased divorce, respect to the old terkikis, customs and traditions left, individualist emerging trend, the decline in the level of young people miserable, and the number is increasing suicide is concerned. In conditions like this, stability in the Japanese society of the future are considered in danger. All the things they bring up memories of the past. Homesickness will be the triumph of the first-and business-to business membangkitkannya, is a pitfall for the initial bring them fully terjerat by fascist regime.
We also should not ignore the threat of communism, which was threatening to take over the world. Could be a number of nations submit themselves to the regime-fascism regime in order not to become victims of the brutal ideology, cruel oppressor and that, separated from the tiger's mouth into the crocodile's mouth, as they believe that fascism "is better between the two evil."

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